Toilet Repair in Mississauga

There are a lot of chains out there that are up for repairing your toilet. But when you’re looking for a company that not only does the job at hand but ensures you don’t face the same problem again in a few weeks, you can rely on Vis Plumbing Inc to do just that.

Clogged toilets are common in Mississauga. And, most of the time, home and business owners are able to fix them on their own. But when nothing else is working, it may be a deeper issue you’re faced with.

Our team is small, but diligent. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, we take the time to fully assess even the simplest toilet plumbing problems and take preventative measures while we repair.

Toilet Plumbing Problems

If you’ve got a problem with your toilet, you can bet that we’ve both seen, and dealt with it before! From weak flushers, to low water levels, to leaks, and clogs—we know how to fix them.

Toilet Flush Repair

If your toilet just won’t stop running, you’ve got a problem with your flush valve. For a valve or flapper replacement, you can expect to spend $25-150 depending on how serious the problem is and how much work is required.

Leaking Toilet Repair

Mississauga home and business owners with leaking toilets are quick to call Vis Plumbing Inc! It’s expected to feel concern when water is flowing out of your toilet. We’ll turn off the water in your home or business and check for the cause. A video drain inspection may be required to determine if debris is at the source.

Toilet Bowl Repair

Your toilet is made up of two parts: tank, and bowl. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to repair the bowl alone, you’re going to be looking at a full toilet replacement.

Toilet Tank Repair

Toilet tanks are often separate from the toilet bowl, and hooked up to the wall and pipes. If you need a full toilet tank replacement, you can rely on Vis Plumbing Inc to help you out with the most affordable labor as well as materials. All without sacrificing quality!

After we do an in-depth assessment of your toilet and its plumbing, we’ll work to replace any parts and clean drains if necessary, until your toilet is working better than it ever has before!

Emergencies? Just Call

Vis Plumbing Inc operates under a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Part of our dedication to you includes not only free service estimates, but emergency on-call services.

If your leaking toilet is flooding your bathroom pick up the phone and call us immediately! We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help Mississauga home and business owners with their plumbing emergencies.

Affordable and Fast Toilet Repairs

No one wants to spend too much on toilet repairs, and at Vis Plumbing Inc we understand this. That’s why we’ve worked hard over the years to be able to provide you with the best materials and services, at the most affordable prices.

Whether you are in an emergency situation or just need to book your first free assessment with us, give us a call or send us an email today to get started!