Garbage Disposal in Oakville

Are you trying to run an eco-friendly household or business, and save money on your monthly bills? Then, if you don’t already have a sink disposal in your property, you need to hurry up and get one!

At Vis Plumbing Inc, we install, repair, and replace food disposal units for Oakville home and business owners, efficiently and at competitive rates.

Knowing that there are whirring blades in your drain can be off-putting to some, but when used safely, installed, and maintained, by professional plumbing contractors, you’ll have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give us a call today if you have questions or want to book an appointment!

Services We Offer

From start to finish, when you’re looking for garbage disposal unit services, you can count on Vis Plumbing Inc.


Believe it or not, when done by a professional, garbage disposal installation is a simple task. We’ll set up the installation site so there is no danger of electrical or water damage, install your new unit, and fit it with a plug that will prevent potential accidents from happening.

Maintenance and Repair

Like with any motorized appliance, garbage disposal repair and maintenance, is crucial in keeping your unit working properly. Disposals that are used often and are at times forced to take on more than they can handle, can become jammed, clogged, or start to leak. If you notice this happening to your disposal, give Vis Plumbing Inc a call right away!

Quality garbage disposal installation, and efficient maintenance and repairs will help you to use and enjoy your sink disposal for a good long time. If you’re located in Oakville and need these services, pick up the phone and give us a call today!

Licensed Professionals

When you need plumbing work done, you can rely on Vis Plumbing Inc. Every member of our team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that you have educated and qualified contractors on the job.

We’re dedicated to client service. And because of this, we’re happy to offer each and every one of our clients free estimates at the start of every job, and at no obligation to you! Get all the information you need before making any major decisions, and get to know the contractors you’ll be working with.

At Vis Plumbing Inc, we’re invested in forming long lasting professional relationships with our clients so that they know who to call whenever they need services. We believe in 100% client satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied at the end of an installation or repair, then we’re not finished!

A Greener Kitchen Today

Are you ready to install your new food disposal unit, or make sure that your current unit is doing the best possible job? At Vis Plumbing Inc we care about the planet and care that your household is operating at its best.

Whether you just have questions or are ready to book an appointment with one of our team members, we’d be happy to talk to you today. Shoot us an email or dial our number and let’s chat!